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Magnify turns your Nokia N8 phone into a high tech magnifying glass. You can quickly zoom in, freeze the image and optionally take a photo of small things. It also works great for taking photos of receipts, tickets, etc.

+/- icons zoom in and out.

You can freeze the image by tapping the screen. If you then tap the camera icon, the view finder image is quickly saved for later reference. Tapping the frozen screen unfreezes and focuses again. To take a photo tap the camera icon while the view finder is not frozen.

In options you can configure the save resolution for the photos and the save location. Using USB on the go with N8, you can even save the image directly to a USB stick.

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Compatible Nokia Phones

  • N8, the arguably best camera phone in 2011
  • N97, N97 mini, 5800, 5530, X6, C6-00

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