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Mopedi Places is a series of applications which provide offline access to wikipedia articles with geographic coordinates. These points of interests can also be displayed on the Nokia Maps.

Each database provides typically tens of thousands of articles and images over a large geographic area. The full United States is completely covered with just four Mopedi Places applications, Mopedi Places NE-US, MW-US, SOUTH- and WEST-US.

Offline mode, also called airplane mode, guarantees fast access without any data transfer fees. It will also work when you are in areas where there is poor or non-existent network coverage.

Mopedi Places is your guide when a) you want more information about a location than your basic tourist guide gives b) you have bad internet connectivity c) you just don't want to pay for data transfer.

The database is installed over the air at first run of Mopedi Places. WLAN is recommended for that.

For availability, see Ovi Store

Seeing is believing

If you are interested in regions covered by more than one Mopedi Places applications, you may want to check out Mopedi which provides support for multiple databases in single application.

Part of the proceeds are donated to Wikimedia Foundation.

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