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Robo-E is in charge of cleaning up the galaxy from toxic waste. But he needs your help as his positronic brain is confused after a nearby supernova went off.

You must guide Robo-E in pushing all the red waste balls on top of the yellow energy rings to activate their transfer to hyperspace.

Robo-E brings you the classic game of Sokoban with beautiful graphics and and intuitive UI. Includes hundreds of built in levels.

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May I say how much you have improved Robo-e for voice over users like me. I love the sounds of the ball when it shoots to its destination and the sound Robo-e has for himself. It's turned this game into fun and though it isn't easy, then, it's not supposed to be is it? it's playable without the frustration of not knowing what's happened. Well done!!! thanks again Astra


All About Symbian gave Highly Recommended for Robo-E and it was chosen to be among top 5 puzzle games for Symbian.

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Available for:

Apple iPhone and iPad with full support for iPad Retina and iPhone 5. Robo-E is fully accessible via VoiceOver
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Nokia N9 & Symbian 3

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