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VOTimer is an ideal timer for your cooking tasks.

Are you looking for a timer that is so easy to use that you can don't need to open your eyes?

Are you cooking and would like to set a timer, but your hands are dirty?

Can't see the time remaining because the font is too small?

VOTimer is a countdown timer with big buttons and clear font. You can even set and launch the timer with a voice command in plain English.

With an iPhone you can silence and pause the alarm using the proximity sensor.

VOTimer is ideal for low vision users and is fully VoiceOver friendly.


To set a timer for 5 minutes, just tap 5 and hit OK.

To set a timer for 1 hour and 20 minutes, just tap 1 2 0 and hit OK.

With an iPhone you can pause the timer just by swiping your hand over the screen without touching. If you are using VoiceOver, one swipe will tell you the time remaining. Two successive swipes will pause the timer.


Universal application, works natively also on a iPad. On iPad the buttons are big enough that you can operate them with your elbow, just don't press too hard!

11 different alarm sounds.

The timer continues running when VOTimer is moved to background.

Since version 1.1 VoiceOver audio is routed to headphones, but alarm can still be set to be heard through the speakers.

For any problems don't hesitate to contact MPaja.

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Available for:

Apple iPhone and iPad with full support for iPad Retina and iPhone 5. Fully accessible via VoiceOver
Download from App Store

Free version to try before buying. Same features as the full version, except only one selectable sound.
Download from App Store

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