MBraille features available in different versions

For new users

Features: Free version Full version
MBraille as Third Party Keyboard available as in-app purchase yes
Text messages yes yes
Tweet yes yes
Clipboard yes yes
Text previewing yes yes
Selecting, cutting, copying and pasting text yes, but clipboard cleared at exit yes
Spell check no yes
Third party application support no yes
Email no yes
All dot commands no yes
Alias support no yes
Facebook updates no yes
Adding calendar entries+notes no yes
Google search no yes
Save texts to device and Dropbox no yes
Text search function no yes

For MBraille Pro or Basic users

MBraille Basic and MBraille Pro users can upgrade to MBraille Full via the Documents package.

MBraille third party keyboard

MBraille Keyboard
Features: Free version Paid version
Replace system keyboard in all apps yes yes
Contracted, (Grade 2) braille no yes
Text preview no yes
Share settings with MBraille app no yes. layout, language and audio settings are shared
Use aliases no yes
Switch input language with a gesture no yes